Personal eFolio Unit


Unit Question: How can I best share my learning and extra-curricular activities?

Significant Concept: Identity – the importance of self-marketing to promote oneself.

Areas of Interaction: Health & Social

  • Awareness and understanding – Explore looking after myself in preparation for attending university, college, or joining the workforce after high-school.
  • Action on – Present values and responsibilities for myself in my future.
  • Reflection on – Evaluate how I will look after myself after high-school.

With the advancement of technology the use of eFolio has fast become a norm in many schools throughout the world. Portfolios are a way that students can look back on what they have done and see how much they have learned and how far they have come. They can also be used to showcase what you have accomplished when you are applying for post-secondary education or employment.

Your challenge is to create an eFolio for yourself. You should not use any online templates. Your eFolio should reflect the school mission statement: Hampton High School develops the whole child in an environmentally sensitive school within a kind, caring community to become a citizen of the world.

Throughout the process of this unit you will need to catalogue a process journal of your work. Go to the link below to take a look at an example.

For steps on how to set up your own WordPress site watch the series of videos below to get started.


Create a site that has the following pages:

  1. About
  2. Blog
  3. Interests (ex. SCUBA Diving)
  4. Contact me

Once you have this setup you will need to start adding content. Your job is to create and write a proper bio for your About page that is at least three paragraphs long. Describe who you are, what your aspirations are and just a bit about yourself.

Next complete the Interests page. What is it that you are interested in? Do you have a youtube channel, artwork, videos, pictures that you feel relate to your interests that you wish to include? Include all of this in your Interests page.

Then create your contact page and include a contact form in the main page, ensuring that you change the settings so that anyone wishing to contact you can.

Now to address the issue of your blog. The goal here is for you to find postings or work that you have done previous that you wish to share. Whether it relates to your interests or is past school work, find 3 separate posts that you can add to the site. (Opinion essay, research project, online project you have completed with a link to the project and a short write up).

This last area should take the bulk of your time. Remember to take screen shots and document your journey in the creation of this site. Both the link to your site and the process journal are due Tuesday next week, February 11.

The objective is to use this site to post your work throughout this course this year.

If you have any questions you can email me at