WordPress features:


One of the great features of WordPress is the fact that it provides the user the ability to create and use numerous different products and presentations from a lot of third party sites or apps. A lot of new sites even create the appropriate shortcode to embed on a WordPress page or post. Continue reading


How to evaluate a website


Not all websites are equal. Take a look at the two examples below and tell me what you notice. Which of these non-profit companies is doing a better job at getting their message out. If you were to evaluate these websites, what are some criteria that you would use to assess them.

Think about all the little details that take your attention away from the main focus of the website. Create criteria that you think you could use to properly evaluate any site.

Website 1: http://chattothefuture.org/

Website 2: http://invisiblechildren.com/ Continue reading

Personal eFolio Unit


Unit Question: How can I best share my learning and extra-curricular activities?

Significant Concept: Identity – the importance of self-marketing to promote oneself.

Areas of Interaction: Health & Social

  • Awareness and understanding – Explore looking after myself in preparation for attending university, college, or joining the workforce after high-school.
  • Action on – Present values and responsibilities for myself in my future.
  • Reflection on – Evaluate how I will look after myself after high-school.

With the advancement of technology the use of eFolio has fast become a norm in many schools throughout the world. Portfolios are a way that students can look back on what they have done and see how much they have learned and how far they have come. They can also be used to showcase what you have accomplished when you are applying for post-secondary education or employment. Continue reading

Remember how you felt when your elementary teacher brought out the TV Trolley…


Let’s read the following post by Jeff Roach from Sociallogical and find out the power of video.


There are a number of tech startups that have taken on the initiative of making video creation and editing their full time job. Take a look at http://wistia.com/  and watch the introductory videos to see what these guys/girls get to do on a daily basis.

  • Have you made videos before?
  • What software do you use and are you comfortable with?
  • What are some elements that make up a good video?

Day 1: Digital Citizenship


The purpose of this prezi is to probe your understanding on the following three questions:

1. In what ways do you leave a trail of your presence on the web? What is your digital footprint?
2. How do we prepare ourselves for appropriate use of social media?
3. How do you create a positive, on-going public presence about yourself as a digital citizen?

Go through the prezi on your own and watch the videos, stopping after each to answer the at least 3 of the questions written below.

Once you have completed this series, start to investigate different website creators that you feel you could use to create and manage an online eportfolio.