Appery: Creating your own app


Creating your own app can be easy. Sign up for Appery and go through the tutorials below. 


ETEC 565A: LMS Review


The creation of an online learning space is not a relatively easy task. Selecting the most effective activity, tool or device for learning can be a very daunting task. Falling victim to flashy yet less efficient means of knowledge building can be a common mistake made by an instructor designing a learning space.

Personally, I have always struggled with this as I have always managed to get caught up chasing the rabbit down the rabbit hole on many new technological devices and software offerings that promise to improve learning. Continue reading

ETEC 565A: Learning Technologies Design and Application: Course Reflection and Synthesis


As this was my fifth course within the Masters in Educational Technology (MET) program I had grown accustomed to specific routine for the flow of courses. Every course would follow a somewhat similar routine of course readings, followed by course postings and assignments that encouraged students to write about different theories and educational technology applications. Continue reading